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Using Usability Heuristics to improve an app


WDPRO spent more than two years building their My Disney Experience (MDX) App. The main goal of this app was to be a tool that helped enhance the Disney vacation experience, by helping the guests plan as a group their entire trip, among many other things. However, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online (WDPRO) was not happy about the app performance and overall user experience design.

Our task was to identify areas for improvement in conceptual modeling, information architecture, user experience principles, and overall usefulness.



We decided that the best approach was to perform a heuristic evaluation for both the iPhone and iPad App. Several heuristics were used as criteria for evaluating the app. We merged mobile specific heuristics with Jakob Nielson’s standard heuristics to capture both mobile and standard practices.

The goal for the audit was to identify the areas on which these heuristics had been violated. We would list all these heuristic violations and we would group them by section. Once all the audit violations had been listed and grouped we would grade each section with a scorecard. The scorecard would serve to help us identify which areas of the app had the poorest experience.



Once the scorecards were done we identified seven different themes which would be user to communicate to the client what were the biggest problems with their app so they could prioritize that list and start making it better on future builds.



  • Heuristics Assesment
  • Interaction Design
  • Mobile and Tablet Design


We not only identified the problems that this app had on their seven different themes, but also identified "quick wins" on which WDPRO could easily implement for a better experience on their app.

The process used to perform the audit for the app had such success that WDPRO hired us to build the following iterations of the app and implement a better user experience to their app.

The team worked with WDPRO on the next build for the app, and the seven different themes are considered now the main goals to make it have a better user experience.

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