Transforming a Fortune 500 company website that looked like from the 90's


For much of the past 150 years, Dole has simply been known as the “pineapple people”. However, with over 300 Dole products in 90 countries, there was a much bigger story to tell. Our mission was to offer consumers more compelling reasons to favor Dole foods over those of its competitors.

However, Dole's website was outdated. This is what looked like before the redesign:

The website itself was very content focused. It had thousands of recipes and some other good content, however the information architecture on it was almost non-existent.



We had to analyze the content and what was driving users to come to the portal. Very early we learned that recipes and nutritional facts of Dole's product was a huge driver for their organic traffic. We knew then where we should focus our efforts. We defined this platform with a road map and set about bringing it to life, increasing Dole’s relevance as the go-to consumer choice by playing a useful role in the daily lives of our target customers.



  • Information Architecture
  • Web Analytics
  • Developed User Experience Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • Data Visualization
  • User Research


We built a complete website redesign athat brought consumer-centric utility to the forefront, transforming the experience from a mere product provider into a go-to household resource.


The recipe discovery allowed quick browsing and tablet-friendly in-the-kitchen viewing. The customized, multi-channel recipe database featured over 100,000 searchable recipes to help the user discover, clip and share healthy meal and snack options.


The mobile version of the site places relevant content in context, connecting with consumers from the supermarket to the kitchen counter.




  • 95% increase in UGC recipe submissions
  • 2 million new recipe users in first year
  • 35% increase in social subscribers