FX Redesign & FXX Launch

FX Networks

How I helped FX redefine tune-in, build new technology platforms, and grow advertiser value for its audiences.


With the rise of streaming and mobile platforms, FX Networks faced an issue of viewership fragmentation at the exact time it was seeking to build on the success of its brand by expanding programming. As it's network offerings expanded from one to three with the launches of FXX and FXM, itslibrary of original programming also multiplied.

To sustain viewership and sponsorship value, FX would need to connect its sprawling collection of online destinations and diverserly branded show content into one unified platform.



By analyzing their traffic analytics we discovered, among other things, that the bulk of organic traffic would directly skip the homepage and go directly to the TV Show landing page. Analytics also help us answer the questions on what was the intent of the users while visiting these pages where the bulk of interaction from the user was spent, helping us to focus our design on providing the best experience they could have on them.



  • Web Analytics
  • Developed User Experience Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • Data Visualization
  • User Research


We helped FX map out a new vision for the network based on audience viewing habits across all available screens. We quickly prototyped a content-forward vision designed to improve audience engagement rates and increase retention across all devices. We planned a roadmap to transition in the two new networks (i.e FXX and FXM) by creating interim pages that would eventually be integrated to FX Networks.



Project Design Samples